Our Story

Cor·dis·ia❤️means "of the heart"

Where care, empathy and innovation

synergize for human good

Our Vision: A world where every individual is recognized, listened to, and nurtured, with the ability to access personalized, essential support needed to lead lives filled with joy and purpose

It started as an ambitious idea among three classmates at Harvard University - A course project opened our eyes to the escalating needs of aging populations battling debilitating isolation despite living longer, inspiring us to cultivate connectedness with emotional intelligence where care deficits, accessibility gaps, and system inertia exacerbate suffering and lost dignity for the vulnerable. 


Our inaugural solution AIDEN is aimed at bringing seniors joy, confidence and ties binding generations through conversations conveying we all deserve to age with grace on our terms. 


Our mission is to work passionately until each person feels heard, empowered and connected because their worth far exceeds any algorithmic measure. Our breakthroughs for one pave inroads for abundance, empathy and dignity for all. 


Partner with us as we transform communities touched by adversity.

Check our inaugural solution AIDEN and take a short survey to help shape the future of senior care